January 2007

Tom And The Parallelaverse (Part I)Ö

Perfect World

While weíre on the topic of imaginary things.


We werenít now were we.

Well we are now so to hell with it eh?


So now that we are on the topicÖ

Evere wonder what it would look like?

From time to time I do. Middle of the day musings. Shouldnít say that, sometimes they come late at night. Never in the morning. Most mornings Iím trying not to steer my car into traffic. I have troubles waking up. So not so much with the mornings. But the rest of the day, thatís pretty much an open range.

So yeah, I sometimes (sometimes is a much better word, more ambiguity to it) muse at the idea of a perfect world at varying times of the day.

Should have just said that, would have saved us some trouble, neh?

I have come to realize that I havenít the vaguest idea what it would look like. I dare not.

Itís a catch 22 if ever there was one. The things that we value most are the things that we fear losing the most. To know the fear of losing something we have to have lost something like it somewhere in the minefields of our past. So somewhere, for us to be able to value things, we need to have tragedy. In fact, one could easily argue that the more we lose things the more we should value that which we have so in fact a perfect world would be one of perpetual loss.

But that sounds like a load of philosophical bullshit without a bit of real truth in it, doesnít it.

I can only guess myself, but I would think that a perfect world would have a lot of balance in it. Equal parts loss and gain, shaken not stirred.

I do know this though.

Our definition on an idealistic naive level has to do with our own happy, or rather our expectation of what our happy is.

And thatís a subjective thing that is different for everyone.

So really, a perfect world would be crafted from only our own expectations and values.

What a boring place that would be.

There may be ample stupidity wrought to us by others in our real worlds, but in a way we should be thankful for the suffering that the selfish and arrogant bring us.

Because it makes us value the good things in life.

Not to say that there arenít days where I pray for a karmic payback for the less than acceptable of the world.

Because I do.

Almost every day.

The bar is sometimes set by others, but itís entirely within our own power to knock it of, jump over it or run right through it like it wasnít even there.

Which might just be my perfect world after all.

Tomas and the Parallelaverse

Tom found it entirely by accident.

Which in all fairness, he wasnít supposed to find at all, but he did, so what can you do?

Tom was simply walking home from school one day when he took a shortcut turned longcut through the park.

Now when I say park, I donít mean your basic swingset with a jungle gym type dealie, it was a natural park preserve 35 acres of natural habitat in the middle of a city type park.

About a third of the way through the park, there was a large boulder in the midst of a grove of trees situated at the bottom of a cliff. It was surrounded by trees and made an excellent place for a thirteen-year-old boy to sit and contemplate the complex dynamics of a thirteen-year-old boys life.

Which on this particular day, Tom decided to do.

And as he was sitting there, he noticed a kind of shimmer behind one of the rocks on the cliff wall.

He sat there for about an hour, trying to decide if the shimmering was a trick of the light or just the fact that he often neglected to clean his glasses, which commonly gave things a blur of sorts.

After cleaning his glasses on his t-shirt for about the fifteenth time, Tom decided that perhaps the rock deserved closer examination.

So he moved it.

And behind it he found what appeared to be a mirror made of something other than what mirrors are usually to be made of.

He stared at it for quite some time when all of a sudden he realized that the last time that he had blinked the mirror blinked shortly thereafter. He only knew this because he saw the mirror blink which of course one canít do in a mirror because they are too busy blinking.

So Tom did what any normal person would do, he dropped like a stone.

And then ran home.

Several weeks later, Tom had managed to steel himself to the point where he revistited the cliff wall. He was more than a little amazed to discover that the rock had not been returned to itís place and the mirror was still there for anyone walking by to see.

But people so rarely bother to see what is right in front of them as Tom would later learn all to painfully.

And Tom wondered if he was crazy.

To be continuedÖ Of course

Epitaph For A YearÖ

So that was another one for the memoirs, eh?

Iím gonna go play with the dog.

20 minutes to midnight. Canít have his first new year be a dud now can I?

You know where to find me...