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Nate Pike

Nate Pike has played acoustically and in various bands for upwards of 20 years. Over that time he has crossed some significant musical milestones, including releasing 6 full-length CD’sas well as numerous live CDs and built himself a dedicated a loyal following.

While some people might ask why it is that after fifteen years of relative anonymity on might keep banging their head against a wall, but questions like that are best left for people who need to have a rational reason for doing things. Nate has never been much at the rational.

Nate first cut his teeth on the live rawk stage with the band "For Petes Sake" after being discovered singing along to the songs of Live and Pearl Jam in a van. From there, after discovering that when the lead guitar player is dating the bass player you have no real say in the goings on of a band, Nate decided to go his own way and take full ownership of his songs and songwriting. Several incarnations later and Nate decided the best route was to put his own name on something if he was going to pretend it was worth it’s salt, and that brings us to today.

Stylistically, Nates music is as diverse as one can hope to find, playing music that is both accessible and passionate. In any given show, the music can range from folk to light blues to hardcore grunge to surgically enhanced classic rock.

There are a million performers in a million cities playing a million songs to a million crowds. What sets apart one performer apart from the next is the chemistry between the performer, the music, and the audience. Nate has a presence on stage that draws an audience in and makes them take notice. He isnèt an artist that simply fits into the background of a room; he demands the attention of the room.

Nate approaches music with the belief that above all else, music must be sincere and honest. Having grown up in the punk/alternative scene of the 90’s, Nate puts the music first, above all else. A powerful live showman, Nate holds nothing back onstage.

There is of course more to Nate than that. Six full length CD’s and no sign of quitting should speak that for itself.